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San Francisco Department of Public Health

MyChart Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the “MyChart” online website for the San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH). MyChart allows you to access portions of your medical record online, view health-related information, communicate with doctors and staff, and arrange additional services. MyChart displays certain health information from medical records, but it does not display all information from medical records.



MyChart is not a substitute for in-person medical care and should not be used for emergencies or urgent matters that could affect your health. NEVER USE MYCHART FOR URGENT CARE OR EMERGENCIES. If you think you have a medical or psychiatric emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest hospital.

2. MyChart Provides Online Services.

MyChart provides a number of online services to help you better manage your health. Not all services may be available in all the places where you get care. These services allow you to:

  1. Check certain lab results and test results
  2. Send a secure electronic message to your primary care provider or team
  3. Request an appointment
  4. Refill a prescription
  5. Review your visit notes

3. MyChart Permits Proxy Access.

A proxy is another adult that you authorize to access your personal health information on MyChart. You do not need to designate a proxy and you may always cancel your proxy’s access at any time. A person must be 18 or older to be a proxy. Proxy access will only be granted to a person with parental rights, legal guardianship rights, or other legal decision-making authority over you.

Parents or guardians of minor children age 0-11 may request proxy access to the minor child’s account.

Parents or guardians of adolescents age 12-18 may also request proxy access, but this access will be very limited because adolescents have the right to keep some of their health information private. MyChart proxy accounts for parents and guardians automatically shut off when the child turns 18.

You should NOT be pressured by someone else to give access to your MyChart online medical information.

If your proxy’s legal relationship with you changes you should revoke your proxy’s access to MyChart and you must inform your doctor immediately.

4. You Should Keep Your MyChart Information Current.

If you think that your health information displayed on MyChart is wrong, you should contact the SFDPH Medical Records Department and ask that your health information be updated and corrected.

If you want to see your entire medical record, you will need to contact the Medical Records Department.

5. You Should Be Mindful About How, When, And Where You Access MyChart.

MyChart may show some information about your care for mental health, substance abuse, sexually transmitted diseases, and emotional, physical and sexual abuse that you do not want other people to read. Even if you have not granted another person proxy access to your MyChart account, another person may be able to see your MyChart personal health information if you are not careful about how, when, and where you access your MyChart account. You should be careful about how, when, and where you access your account to avoid giving another person the ability to view your medical information while your MyChart account is open.

6. You Have Responsibilities For MyChart Security And Confidentiality.

SFDPH has taken steps to make sure your health information is as secure as possible. All information on MyChart is encrypted. MyChart uses a secure entry process.

You also have responsibilities for MyChart security and confidentiality. You must do your part to protect the confidentiality and privacy of your health information, including but not limited to the following:

  1. You must never share your email address, login, and password with anyone else, not even with your proxy.
  2. You must use a unique login and password to enter MyChart.
  3. You must always log out and close your web browser when finished using MyChart. If you don't log out properly, someone else could see your information in MyChart.
  4. You need to understand that if you disclose your health information to someone other than your proxy (if you have one) or someone else legally required to keep it confidential, your information may no longer be protected and private.

7. SFDPH Can Make MyChart Revisions.

SFDPH may revise the information on MyChart or otherwise change or update MyChart, including these terms and conditions, without notice to you.

8. You Must Not Violate The MyChart Rules

By signing up to use MyChart, you understand that you are not permitted to do any of the following:

  1. You may not sign on as or pretend to be someone else.
  2. You may not send any messages that are unlawful, threatening, or abusive.
  3. You may not use MyChart in a way that could cause harm.

SFDPH reserves the right to revoke access to your MyChart account at any time for any reason, including for violation of the rules listed above.

9. MyChart Lets You Use Non-SFDPH Services

MyChart includes internet links to some non-SFDPH services that you can use if you want. Examples of such services may include translation services, location services, and credit card payment services. Any links to such services are provided for your convenience only. Neither Epic nor SFDPH have control over the content of these services, and neither Epic nor SFDPH accept any responsibility for them or for any loss or damage that may arise from your use of them. Such services may require you to submit your information, which may result in a copy of your information being used and/or stored by a non-Epic or non-SFDPH entity. If you decide to use such services, you do so at your own risk and subject to the terms and conditions of use for such services.

10. MyChart Is Only For Your Personal Use

All content on MyChart, including text, graphics, logos, button icons, photos, images, forms, audio, video, questionnaires, and software, is the property of SFDPH or its licensors and is protected by copyright laws. SFDPH allows you to use MyChart solely for your personal medical use. All other rights are reserved by SFDPH.

11. You Must Accept The MyChart Terms And Conditions/Agreement

When you access, use or view MyChart, you must agree to these terms and conditions. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, you will not be connected or able to use MyChart.

12. SFDPH Can Revoke Your MyChart Access

SFDPH reserves the right to revoke access to a your MyChart account at any time for any reason, including for violation of these terms and conditions.